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​​​​Where your attitude is everything.    *    The burden of proof lies within you.    *    Even in the darkest of times, there's light.    *    Fight for who holds a place in your heart. 

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45 Minute Procedure - Light Touch w/Oils

They really do help!  From head and neck tension, to an upset stomach!  Essential oils are a MUCH safer alternative if used responsibly.

Fight Club Survivor is now 501(c)3 Non Profit !

Welcome to Fight Club Survivor!  Our mission is to make sure those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer know they're loved and never alone.  We offer a free care package, and our free support if desired (from Mentors that have also fought the fight), and an online boutique (s/h charge only). 
*Care packages are only eligible to those currently in breast cancer treatment or soon to be.

Anyone that's ever battled breast cancer knows attitude is everything!  Even after the fight has ended, we sometimes feel alone.  Help us help your loved one through their fight and beyond.  It only takes a moment to nominate a qualifying bc Survivor (yourself or another) to receive a free gift. 
Only qualification, the Survivor you nominate must be currently in treatment or soon to be.

Please click here to nominate.    A surprise gift will be shipped, and the only correspondence you will hear from us is tracking information.
Please click here to request a Mentor.  
Please click here to shop our online Boutique.

To keep this a free program, please consider donating and sharing the cheer, love, and support.  Your name will appear on our "Contributors" page as a special "Thank You!".  If you prefer not to be listed, please let us know.    Click here to donate.



The burden of proof lies within you, the Survivor.