"Fight for who holds a place in your heart."

Where your attitude is everything!


"The burden of proof

lies within you."


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"Even in the darkest of times, there's light."

Have you received a surprise gift? 

We hope you enjoy this handmade and personalized item that was created just for you!

  As an organization run by those who have been personally affected by cancer, we know what a mood lifter it is when you receive an unexpected gift in the mail.  When the gift itself is uplifting to the mood?..even better!

Whether you nominated yourself or a loved one nominated you, congratulations on continuing to be a

Fight Club SURVIVOR!

We have a favor to ask of you.  Could you please share an image of yourself to show others they too will be a survivor, just like you?  Seeing the many faces of surviving breast cancer warriors will truly inspire others to do the same...fight and survive.

  Your image will appear on our Survivor Wall of Fame located here.

Thank you!