"Even in the

darkest of times,

there's light."

Let's get inspired!

"Even in the darkest of times, there's light."

"Fight for who holds a place in your heart."

Where your attitude is everything!


"The burden of proof

lies within you."


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 Our packages of hope and inspiration are filled with unique items to ease your mind, keep the faith, have some fun, and remind you who you're fighting for.  It's a little box with inspirational oddities and a whole lot of heart! 
We hope you enjoy all of the neat things we've added to brighten up your day. 
​Please keep in mind, we get a lot of requests for packages which will delay your request.  Please bear with us.  Thank you!

*Nominations are for those currently in treatment or soon to be.       *$6.00 shipping fee   (more if international)



*Please be sure to promptly pay the $6 shipping fee after submitting nomination.  Package cannot be sent until payment has been received. 
​​​​*Please double check the address you want the package to be shipped to.  If it comes back for any reason, you will need to pay to have it reshipped.
*Please make sure  to add admin@fightclubsurvivor.org to your email address book.  We will email you a follow-up receipt of nomination and tracking email. 

*If your loved one has already received a care package, they will not qualify for another.  In the event of a duplicate nomination, we will mail a card on your behalf if you've chosen for us to do so.