​​​​Where your attitude is everything.    *    The burden of proof lies within you.    *    Even in the darkest of times, there's light.    *    Fight for who holds a place in your heart. 

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Jeanne Wokurka - President

Bonnie Bewsey - Vice President

Bruce Scheiman - Financial Secretary

Angie Mandarino - Secretarial Advisor


Care Packages - Upon receipt of nomination information, a crafted care package created by our Founder Jeanne Wokurka (to the left) and her daughter Emma, will be mailed out at no cost to the recipient or their caregiver(s).
*If the package recipient is located outside of the US, you will be required to pay additional shipping costs.  Thank you for understanding.

Mentors - Questions are of plenty when going through treatment. We want to be here to help, even if it is to just text message inspiration. We all need to be inspired at times, especially when going through cancer treatment. 

Online Boutique - Many donate items they used during treatment, and were kind enough to share them with us so we can share them with you!
*We do not offer financial support.  Very sorry.

The Fight Club Survivor Statements -

Slogan: Where your attitude is everything.

Description: Fight Club Survivor is an organization that wants to let breast cancer patients
know they're not alone, loved, and that their well-being is of utmost importance, by shipping care

packages, offering Mentors who have been there, and an online boutique.

Mission: Our mission at “Fight Club Survivor” is to make sure breast cancer Survivors know they

are supported, inspired, and never alone.   

Board Members

"I am hoping and praying that this organization will be a success. While God allows me to continue to be vertical, it is my desire to "pay it forward".  My mission is to help other breast cancer Survivors keep their spirits up and know that we're here for them.
Please help make this possible by either donating and/or taking part in one of the many upcoming fundraisers.  Lastly, please help spread the word about Fight Club Survivor and
nominate a loved one." - Jeanne Wokurka (FCS Founder/CEO/Survivor)

Because there currently is no charge to receive a care package, we continue to need your support. Every donation, no matter how large or small, will help us to continue shipping out these care packages at no cost.  Every dollar donated goes back into the organization to continue shipping out care packages for free.  No amount goes into the pocket of any of our board members.  We have an open book policy and are more than happy to share.  
*Now all Contributors can be listed here (optional):  https://www.fightclubsurvivor.org/contributors.html

We frequently run fundraisers to assist in raising money to help with future product purchases, organizational expenses, and shipping of more care packages! If you're local and would like to get in on the up and coming fundraisers, you can find us on Facebook here

There are hundreds upon thousands every day diagnosed with breast cancer. If you know a Survivor who is currently battling the breast cancer beast or soon to be, please click here
Thank you so very much in advance. Your help is greatly appreciated not just by those of us at FCS, but by the many women (& men) recently diagnosed.

*Special thanks to Franciscan St. James Health for creating the above image.  You all are awesome!                                                                                                                                                         

Fight Club Survivor is an organization that benefits ladies currently facing breast cancer treatment.