Bonnie Bewsey               
Bruce Scheiman                 J
eanne Wokurka              

Linda Schmitt               

Donna Kiedaisch           

​Diane Preston               

Barb Bakhaus

Tammy Hitzelberger

Tom Wokurka

Emma Wokurka   

Niros Gyros -  Beecher

Windmill Restaurant

Sheri Bakr

Marcie Pool

Tina Salter

​Flowers & Stones - Beecher

Linda McBride

Sue Heusing

Affordably Beautiful You
Beverly Reed

​Carol McCulley


Beecher Amvets

Walt's Food Centers

Universal Call-In Center

Christi Gardner

Jennifer Hubbard Morgan

​Julianne George-O'Connell

​Lucy Savarino
Marlene Guzzo

Shirley Firnhaber

Sandy Lorts

Sarah McCormick

Renee (Shear Design)-Steger

Tony's Pizza (Beecher)

USA  - Grant Park

Nestlehut Financial - Tinley

Dan Waterman

Alison Gamble

​Amber Standley

Ce Bell

Cheryl Henschel

​Children's Plus-Beecher 

Tickets will be sold at the door.

Doors open at 5pm, we strongly suggest you come at 5pm to view all the prizes, get yourself some dinner and pick yourself a winning seat!

Bingo begins at 6pm!

On the Menu


Photo Booth!  Bring your friends!  Bring your family!  Make it a life time memory and share the magic.


Destination Yoga-Grant Park
Eleanor Haller

Jeannette Douglas

Jennifer Czyzniejewski

Julia Giese

Georgiana Wiesch

Karen Cleve

Scrementi's - Steger

Kathy Curtis

Kathy Lindemann

Kathy Labuda

Kellie Karstensen

L&H - Beecher

Metropolitan Eye -Beecher

Linda Schmitt

Kristina Schmitt

Marti Wiesch

Mia Amundsen

Midland States Bank-Beecher

Tristan Tull & Sequins-Beecher

​Larina Sanders


 Intermission Split the Pot Raffles!

Where your attitude is everything!



Chicken Sandwich





Rice Krispy Treat

Frosted Sugar Cookie

*Alcohol - Served from Bar


"Even in the darkest of times, there's light."

"Fight for who holds a place in your heart."

"The burden of proof

lies within you."

Copyright Fight Club Survivor. All Rights Reserved.

Vicky Pigman

Lauren Beer

Wehling's Insurance-Beecher

Ruthann Sanders

Pat Lane

Roy Segert

Julie DeGroot

Clarissa Johnson

Lisa Nydam

Catherine Swatek

Renee Kwiat

Sander's Services - Beecher

Sarah Hoerler

Schoops - Monee

Sit N Bull - Beecher

St. Luke UCC - Beecher
St. Paul Lutheran-Beecher

Stefanie Hipke

Sue Curtis

Tim & Nancy Spell