"Even in the darkest of times, there's light."

"Fight for who holds a place in your heart."

Where your attitude is everything!


"The burden of proof

lies within you."


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Join us on Facebook and chat with fellow Survivor Sisters!

As you know, when you first hear "you've got cancer", the first thing you do is get on your computer and start diagnosing 

your situation.  Now that's not such a great thing to do....as you'll walk away with every known disease to man!

We've created a Facebook page where you can speak with others who are in the same "shoes" as you.  We welcome you to participate in the group chat experience.  Many women will have questions that you just might have an answer for, or at least your own personal opinion. 

If you wouldn't mind, we'd love for you to join in and give your opinions to others that are just like you may have been 'in the beginning'...scared with lots of questions.  Your conversations with others can and will mean the world to many out there that feel all alone.  Come on over to Facebook.  We  can't wait to 'meet' you!