"Even in the darkest of times, there's light."

"Fight for who holds a place in your heart."

Where your attitude is everything!


"The burden of proof

lies within you."


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We accept new & lightly used items. 

Items we do NOT accept:

  • Items in poor shape.  
  • Items with no identification of manufacturer/style/size.
  • Bras

Items we ARE currently accepting:​

  • Wigs
  • Wig Stands (Collapsible)

Items we accept when more items are needed.  The following items we have a lot of and they will be added to our online boutique as soon as possible:

  • Mastectomy Camisoles 
  • Breast Prosthesis (MUST have Manufacturer & Sku #.) 
  • Wig Cleaners
  • Scarves 
  • Hats 

​Shipping Tip:  Breast Prosthesis and Wigs - Do not ship in original boxes.  Remove from boxes/containers and ship only the item with whatever paperwork came with it.  This will help us identify the item(s).  Taking items from their boxes will save you a LOT on shipping. 
Also, if you want a receipt, be sure to include the form that you can fill out by clicking on the pink button to the right.  Once complete, right click, Print.  

Donation Guidelines

Our Model, Alexa. 

Optional:  If your donation is in honor/memory of someone special, make sure during the completion of the form, that you include the name of the person you'd like us to add "in honor/memory" of.  
*Even if it's your own personal wear, you are passing along your items, which help another Survivor Sister.  So feel proud of yourself and take a little credit where the credit is due.  xo

*If you want us to charge for your item(s) to donate back to FCS, please let us know during the completion of the donate form.

Please Ship Donations to: FCS 10424 N 14500E Rd., Grant Park, IL  60940.